Forecasting - why do we need to forecast?  Because our sales manager says so?  Well that is one reason but there are a few more.........

- We need to forecast sales so that we can:

- Plan the sales activity, manufacturing, cash flow, staffing, meet payroll, pay suppliers
- Build a real and adequate revenue pipeline
- Set priorities and "action manage"

Forecasting a sale

- You can only real ... Read more

CRM – are you solving your Relationship Management problems or simply automating them?

Do you want to ......... Annoy and upset more customers? Give out wrong information faster? Pass the caller to the wrong extension efficiently? Get your customers' name wrong with increasing frequency? Handle complaints with no empathy? Keep your customers on hold for as long as possible? Generate sales leads you don't contact for ages? Completely screw up your sales forecasting?   Then you need........... A Customer Relationship Management system.   There are many benefit ... Read more

13 questions you should ask about your business development activity

I recently gave a key note speech about business development - "The Anatomy of an Enterprise Sale".  I wrapped up the speech with 13 (unlucky for some) key questions you should ask yourself about your business development activity, lots of people liked these - they are great reminders! - Are you planning to fail or failing to plan
- Are you consciously using all your skills or running on autopilot?
- Are you confusing activity with results?
- Are ... Read more