How to Start Your Dream Business Despite Previous Financial Setbacks

Photo Credit:   Starting a business costs money. If you've had financial problems in the past, you might decide to hold off on entrepreneurship due to monetary concerns. However, there are affordable ways you can pursue your dream, even if you don't have a perfect financial record. It requires cutting costs appropriately and knowing where to invest. 

For example, sales is one area you can't skimp on. Your business success relies on it. IF Associates, Inc., offers sales strategy, coaching, and mentoring services that can help you excel in this area. Investing in this kind of service can help ensure business success and avoid wasted money. Discover more tips for getting your dream business off the ground despite former financial problems.

Write a business plan to avoid missteps.
A business plan describes exactly how your business will be managed. It also includes strategic elements, like a market competition analysis, financial projections, and sales and marketing plans. offers free business plan templates you can use to guide the process. Your plan can be for internal use, serving as a guidebook to running your business. It can also be for external use, to present to potential partners or investors.

Look to alternative funding sources for the money you need.

According to Failory, nine out of 10 startups fail. Money reasons are one common reason for this. If you've already had financial troubles, traditional forms of funding like a bank loan may not be ideal. If your credit score is low, you will likely not get favorable interest rates on a loan. Look to non-traditional funding sources for the help you need. Free Agent lists possibilities, including angel investment, crowdfunding, and peer-to-peer lending.

Establish a formal business entity to protect your assets.

Establishing your business as a formal legal entity like a limited liability company, LLC, offers a few distinct advantages. First, in case you get into legal problems with your business, having an LLC will protect your personal assets, safeguarding you financially. An LLC is also relatively streamlined in terms of tax filing and reporting requirements, which can spare you the expense of a bookkeeper or accountant. You can form an LLC easily with the help of cost-effective business formation services, avoiding hefty attorney's fees.

Keep overhead costs low.

Brainstorm ways to keep your overhead costs low as you start your business. For example, instead of spending the money to rent a commercial office space, you might opt to establish a home-based business or use a co-working space. Planergy offers additional ideas for reducing overhead costs, such as using digital tools for your business processes. By going paperless, you save on costs like printers, scanners, ink cartridges, and paper. You can also optimize your hiring by relying on off-site, contract workers. For example, you can find virtual personal assistants via platforms like People Per Hour.

Rely on cost-efficient sales and marketing.

Whatever your business product or service is, you have to get the word out about it if you're going to get people to buy it. Digital marketing tools like an SEO-optimized website and social media are a great starting point. According to WebFX, digital marketing offers many benefits as it's adaptable and allows for easy targeting. It's also measurable, allowing you to adapt campaigns as needed. Hubspot provides a primer to sales and marketing metrics, including key performance indicators like net promoter score and revenue.

Don't let previous financial setbacks deter you from your dream of entrepreneurship. As the above guide hopefully makes clear, there are many ways you can save money and ensure smart financial choices when getting a business off the ground.

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