WHY DO WE HAVE TO JUSTIFY THE COST In a complex solution sale, a professional services sale or for something intangible such as training and education services, a cost justification argument is quite likely to be a key element in enabling the prospect to make a decision and you to close the deal.  As working capital within most organisations becomes a scarce commodity it is highly unlikely that they will commit to any level of expenditure without first justifying the cost. If your com ... Read more


SIX TOP TIPS FOR COLD CALLING 1. JUST DO IT Set aside specific time for cold calling when you do nothing else at least once or twice a week for 2 hours in peace and quiet and on your own. Remove all distractions email alert and blackberry off, voicemail on, tell your co-workers it's your cold calling session and can they leave you alone and take messages you do not want interruptions Have a well prepared list printed out or in a list format on your PC do not try and work f ... Read more