Forecasting - why do we need to forecast?  Because our sales manager says so?  Well that is one reason but there are a few more.........

- We need to forecast sales so that we can:

- Plan the sales activity, manufacturing, cash flow, staffing, meet payroll, pay suppliers
- Build a real and adequate revenue pipeline
- Set priorities and "action manage"

Forecasting a sale

- You can only real ... Read more

Sales Management Challenges: 1 of 6 - How to Create Clearly Defined Sales Processes and Sales Objectives

Read Forbes, Fortune, or any other top sales and business publication. What will you find? Articles about the top sales challenges commonly faced, no matter which product or service you are marketing.   I'd like to share the benefits of my 30-year experience in sales and marketing with you. This series of blogs tackles 6 of the top sales challenges with sound advice and a practical 'do today' tip.   Sales Challenge #1: How to create clearly defined sales processes and sales ... Read more

Get out of your comfort zone

Just when you are expecting the order the competition side swipe you by being politically aligned with the decision makers, unfortunately you were speaking to the wrong people - has this ever happened to you? Time and time again we see sales and business development people doing a great job at presenting their products, services and solutions but sadly they are doing a great job with the wrong people.  They are in their comfort zone - talking with IT and technical people, administrators, ... Read more

Business Planning - you'll never take a business plan seriously again, once you have read this!

Business Plan Speak Plain English True Meaning     Acquisition strategy The current products have no market Broadly on plan 20% below plan Complex architecture Unworkable design Core business Only activity Currently revising the budget Financial plan is in total chaos Cyclica ... Read more

Social Media – are you forgetting you still need to sell?

In my long, and some would say illustrious, sales career I have seen two paradigm shifts in the sales business.  One was the in the early 1990's - the adoption of en masse telesales in the B2B market, the second is Social Media Networking.   Telephone selling is, by and large, great.  Over the past two decades my company has developed for and with our clients many skills and techniques for B2B solution selling by telephone it can be productive, increases profits and lets you wi ... Read more

How to Start Your Dream Business Despite Previous Financial Setbacks

Photo Credit: Pexels.com   Starting a business costs money. If you've had financial problems in the past, you might decide to hold off on entrepreneurship due to monetary concerns. However, there are affordable ways you can pursue your dream, even if you don't have a perfect financial record. It requires cutting costs appropriately and knowing where to invest.  For example, sales is one area you can't skimp on. Your business success relies on it. IF As ... Read more

Marginal [sales] performance improvement

Dave Brailsford, the visionary UK Cycling team coach, believes that by breaking down and identifying every tiny aspect of an athlete's performance and then making just a 1% improvement in each area the athlete's overall performance can be significantly enhanced.   He is right - look at the results UK cycling continues to achieve.   Now think about selling, I have recently worked with VERY experienced sales team, initially I thought what I am going to teach these guys.   Then ... Read more

13 questions you should ask about your business development activity

I recently gave a key note speech about business development - "The Anatomy of an Enterprise Sale".  I wrapped up the speech with 13 (unlucky for some) key questions you should ask yourself about your business development activity, lots of people liked these - they are great reminders! - Are you planning to fail or failing to plan
- Are you consciously using all your skills or running on autopilot?
- Are you confusing activity with results?
- Are ... Read more