13 questions you should ask about your business development activity

I recently gave a key note speech about business development - "The Anatomy of an Enterprise Sale".  I wrapped up the speech with 13 (unlucky for some) key questions you should ask yourself about your business development activity, lots of people liked these - they are great reminders!

  1. Are you planning to fail or failing to plan
  2. Are you consciously using all your skills or running on autopilot?
  3. Are you confusing activity with results?
  4. Are you becoming too dependent too few prospects, solutions, markets and customers?
  5. Are you giving your prospects a good reason to meet you?
  6. Are you qualifying your opportunities objectively or are you kidding yourself?
  7. Are you offering a solution that is a nicety or a necessity?
  8. Are you talking to all the right people - decision influencers and decision makers?
  9. Are you mapping the political landscape?
  10. Are you winning support from the right people?
  11. Are you differentiating your offer only on price?
  12. Are you submitting a proposal or is it really a quote?
  13. Are you really asking for the order? 

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