Coaching & Mentoring

Our sales and sales leader coaching and mentoring will help you enhance your business development skills and confidence; increase your abilities to find, win, and keep new customers; develop new ideas about keeping and increasing existing business; become empowered with greater vision and passion; and create exceptional organizational experiences for you and your team.

"Ian has been an invaluable mentor and business coach for my company over the past year. He has the uncanny ability to pin point exactly where the gaps are in your overall mental readiness, business strategy and approach and provides insights that are relevant, simple and impactful to your success." Terri Gallagher, CEO, Gallagher and Company


  Sales Training

Practical, pragmatic, interactive, down-to-earth training and development that really works. When your people come back from our training you will see instant improvements in their sales skills and revenue performance.

"With IF Associates training and development, your people will become one of your key sources of competitive advantage." Mike Neame, CEO, Lapland

  Sales Strategy

Bringing our insights to bear in your organization will enable you to improve your revenue performance.  We support you with fine-tuning your sales process, aligning your sales and marketing approach with your prospect's buying cycles, developing your selling proposition, improving your skills and rewarding performance. 

"IF Associates is a first-class company.  It provides a complete closed loop revenue-generating service with passion.  Focusing on product positioning, people, purpose and profit."  Chris Howgego, Managing Director, Sybase




  Interim Management

We provide senior, international and board level sales, marketing and general management experience for organizations that either don't need, or can't afford, this level of expertise on a full-time basis.

"I have to admit at being skeptical at the feasibility of running the team as an interim manager two or three days a week and achieving such good results; particularly impressive was Ian's rapid grasp of our business and his personal engagement at the CxO level with our customers." Ian Turner, Managing Director, Adobe 


Power Base Selling® Live Deal Workshop




Workshop content

  • Introduction and Objectives
  • eFox Winning Sales Plan Overview
  • Establishing Your Sales Objective
  • Developing and Articulating Your Value Messaging
  • Quantifying Value and Proving a ROI
  • Defining and Understanding Politics
  • Developing and Executing Your Political Plan
  • Creating Competitive Differentiation and Immunity
  • Developing the Strategy to Defeat Your Competition
  • 18 Factor Opportunity Analysis
  • Live Deal Presentations
  • Summary, Review and Action Plans

  Excellent course, that provides a structure and a reality check, excellent delivery too! - David Smith, Head of Central Sales, Tribal Group