"Just when you think you know everything there is to know about sales along comes Ian!   Refreshing and inspiring.  After 15 years in sales I was amazed he had something new to offer me." Catherine Kiaie, Account Director, Orange.

At IF Associates we make your people your true competitive advantage.     

At IF Associates we run "workshops" not "talk-shops". Engaging, interactive, fun - our on premise or virtual programs teach practical, down to earth skills and techniques that your people can use the very next day to sell, communicate and manage even more effectively.  All our participants say the same thing - "Ian Farmer's stuff just works!". 

Making the Solution Sale



If any members of your team you are new to selling, have never done sales 101 or simply want some fresh ideas Making the Solution Sale is the B2B master class you need.  From planning your day to closing the deal this A - Z of selling will make sure your team:
  • Develop a structured, proactive, consultative  sales approach
  • Uncover higher value opportunities and get maximum revenue and profit from every sales
  • Close more orders, for a higher values, and close them sooner rather than later

Making the Telephone Sale



If you are responsible for lead development, business development or selling B2B products, services or solutions on the telephone this is the workshop for you.

​​​​​Proven to increase productivity, revenues and profits, Making the Telephone Sale will give you and your team the skills to:
  • Create and qualify more leads
  • Deliver maximum value and value added from every sales opportunity
  • Close more orders and close them sooner rather than later​
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Making Coaching Effective

Making Coaching Effective will ensure your experienced team members, team leaders, supervisors and managers can undertake coaching in a motivational style that delivers the maximum in learning, interpersonal skills and performance from their team.

Your leaders will develop the skills to:
  • ​​​Plan and execute effective coaching
  • Coach with an inspiring and motivational style
  • Be creative in their approach to skills transfer and on the job training
  • Have a positive impact on their team member's performance


Making the Channel Sale

Selling through 3rd party channels requires a special combination of business, sales and management skills - you have all the responsibility for the revenue with little authority over the sales people in your channel.  In the workshop you will  develop skills to:-
  • Help your channels with identifying and developing new routes to market
  • Plan and control sales strategies through the indirect channel
  • Motivate and manage channel sales people to exceed targets - revenue, product, profit and market penetration

Making the Professional Services Sale



The ultimate rain maker course - find win and keep new clients, win more engagements from exiting clients. By the end of the workshop your participants will have developed the soft skills, techniques and confidence to recognize and capitalize upon sales opportunities for your professional or consultancy services by:-
  • Making the most of their available "sales time"
  • Getting worthwhile appointments at an executive level
  • Uncovering needs and creating the impetus for the client to engage your firm
  • Professionally presenting the benefits of your services
  • Win more engagements and win them sooner rather than later

Making the Persuasive Presentation

  Making the Persuasive Presentation - designed by sales people, for sales people, run by sales people.

You will will learn and practice how to:-
  • Present any message, concept or idea in an enthusiastic and confident manner
  • Be confident when presenting in any situation to large or small groups
  • Prepare and plan presentations so as to deliver with impact and professionalism
  • Communicate in a style that persuades, influences and sells not simply informs

Making Behavior Count

  Making Behavior Count is a unique sales and communications workshop that will give you the skills and a toolkit of techniques that will help you to build rapport and communicate more effectively internally and externally. Participants will leave the program with skills and techniques to:
  • Communicate more effectively by understanding their key communication behaviors
  • Use advanced rapport building skills to influence those around them
  • Read personality types and then adapt their messages so they are best received by others.


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