Forecasting - why do we need to forecast?  Because our sales manager says so?  Well that is one reason but there are a few more......... We need to forecast sales so that we can: Plan the sales activity, manufacturing, cash flow, staffing, meet payroll, pay suppliers Build a real and adequate revenue pipeline Set priorities and "action manage" Forecasting a sale You can only really forecast a sale when you have a qualified prospect With a qualifi ... Read more


PLANNING YOUR TIME AND YOUR TERRITORY FINITE COMMODITY? Time is one commodity that once it has gone it cannot be replaced It is important that as part of your preparation and planning you think about how you utilise your time ASSESSING POTENTIAL Consider the real potential of the accounts that you are going to work on.  Discuss it with your managers and colleagues. In the time you have available does the potential in the account really represent an appropriate pro ... Read more

GAINING COMMITMENT AND CLOSING - are you actually asking for the order?

WHY DON'T WE CLOSE? Salespeople know how to close so why don't they? Skills, timing, relationships just a good excuse The real reason not enough prospects and poorly qualified prospects THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND THE WEAK CLOSER Salespeople are always under pressure to find new prospects Always pressure from sales managers to generate and maintain a healthy "prospect list" Ask for the order, get it and then the sales manager asks who is next? Ask for order, don't get it, ... Read more


AN INTRODUCTION TO NEGOTIATING SKILLS WHAT IS SELLING? The relationship between supplier and buyer where the need to supply significantly exceeds the need to buy.  Thus selling is a persuasive process by which the supplier aims to convince a buyer of their need for the supplier's product or service and the buyer acts upon that need. WHAT IS A NEGOTIATION? The relationship between supplier and buyer where the need to supply is largely in balance with the need to buy. ... Read more


Delivering meaningful value Through skillful questioning technique you have uncovered the prospect's needs It's very easy to bombard your prospect with the many features that your products offer However, not every feature is of benefit to every customer Features and USPs are meaningless if they do not deliver value in the customer's eyes Features, Functions and BENEFITS Feature - anything you can touch, feel, see or measure, answers the question "what is it?" Functi ... Read more

Advancing the Sale - the steps of the [B2B] sales cycle

In any sales and business development role one of the biggest traps that salespeople fall into is the confusion between activity and results - the "busy work" syndrome.  They are busy doing sales activity with little regard to effectiveness.  In other words, they are confusing activity with results.  When we run our solution sales courses or during coaching sessions we talk about Advancement versus Continuation where  Advancement = any action you take, or you get th ... Read more

Effective business development demands presenting proposals not sending quotes!

Are you really presenting proposals or in reality are you sending your prospects and customers a glorified quote that is titled a proposal? A quote tells the buyer the price.  A proposal sells the benefits, explains you know the prospect's business and details why they should go with your solution, product or service.  A proposal explains the cost as an investment, it details why your prospect can't afford not to do business with you. So why don't sales people write proposals?&nb ... Read more

Sales Tip No. 29 - Who are you really competing against?

We frequently hear sales people saying "there's no competition on this deal".  When we dig deeper we find that there is competition after all, but not from where they think.  The "competition" is coming in the form of 1) lethargy, the easiest decision is no decision, do nothing or 2) competition for use of the funds earmarked for your deal - not a directly competing product, service of solution.   Lethargy is always a challenge - remind the prospect of why you are there in the f ... Read more

Why the best products, services and solutions don't always win the order.

... Read more

Is your sales team slipping into a dependency culture?

... Read more
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