Newtown Industrial Consultants

Newtown are a specialist, manufacturing and process management consultancy based in the heart of England in the Midlands. To fulfill their growth plans in when they formed the firm they needed to dramatically improve their sales ability and in particular increase their new business appointment rate. Following an Ian Farmer Associates training programme they increased their appointment rate by 600% in the second year comopated to their formation year.

Oracle Corporation

Oracle is the world's largest database software company. When they established their Direct Marketing Division in 1994 Ian Farmer Associates undertook the on-going training and development of all the new-hire and experienced telesales for their Europe, Middle East and Africa telephone sales staff. Other Oracle Divisions that have used our services include Oracle University in the UK and Netherlands, Oracle UK's support sales operation, Oracle Education.  Ian Farmer continiues to coach and mentopr many Oracle alumnus around the globe.

MBX Medical Billing Experts

MBX provide outsourced medical biiling and RCM for radiology pratcices across the USA.  During their first 12 months of operation Ian Farmer was engaged as Interim VP of Sales and Marketing to bring a sales culture to the organization and develop and execute a sales and marketing plan to grow the business 25% per annum, reporting to the CEO and board and attending all board meetings.  Ian developed a measurable sales forecast process, hired marketing manager and undertook sales role personally during 2015/16 selling 11 new business deals for a total contract value of $15M+ over 3 years.  Ian also coached and mentored the CEO and COO.

Gallagher and Consultants

"Ian has been an invaluable mentor and business coach for my company over the past year. His broad experience with sales, marketing and entrepreneurial savvy has helped take our business to the next level. He has the uncanny ability to pin point exactly where the gaps are in your overall mental readiness, business strategy and approach and provides insights that are relevant, simple and impactful to your success. He has the ability to build you a plan and strategy across the different components of your business, that is easy to execute and has tangible and immediate results. His input, counsel and guidance has been invaluable to me and my company." Terri Gallagher, CEO and Founder.

Transaction Network Services (Card Payments)

To sell to and manage accounts such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard, TNS needed a global account management process.  Ian Farmer undertook competency assessment for whole global sales team, mapped sales and sales management processes and implemented Power Base Selling as the global standard sales methodology.  Ian developed a Global Account Director job description and person profile, implemented global account program and undertook executive coaching program with the President to further enhance his own sales and sales management skills up.


As the project management market became commoditized Ian Farmer was brought in to support the owner through a business transformation where we took the company from providing project management staff augmentation to becoming a project and change management consultancy. Ian wrote sales and marketing plans, coached the owner on sales and business development skills, designed and wrote sales collateral and presentations, developed proposal writing process.  Ian personally undertook business development activity winning a supply contracts and projects in Duke Energy (2nd largest utility in USA), local school district (16th largest in USA) and Charlotte Pipe and Foundry.

Capgemini (UK, Europe, India, USA)

To win more global multi-million dollar deals, with increased hit rates and higher EBITDA, Capgemini needed a consistent sales process and methodology across their entire organization and transition from selling IT to selling true business solutions.  Ian Farmer, with Holden International has runs Power Base Selling programs around the world for their Infrastructure, Business Process Outsourcing and Applications divisions.  Programs are "live deal workshops" where the training is run by working live sales scenarios in high value, complex, political sales opportunities.  Often these are multi-million $ deals.  Capgemini's European infrastructure team has increased their win rate by 40% using the Power Base methodology.  Ian personally played a hand in upselling a $220K deal to $3.2M account and has run exec-briefing sessions for senior global management on process and progress of the program.