What can I do to win back a former customer?

I was recently asked to be a guest expert for Charlotte Business Journal,  the ask the expert question was........
What can I do to win back a former customer
1.    Make sure you are talking to the decision maker
2.    Establish why you really lost them why did they buy from you initially, what changed, what finally triggered them into leaving you sometimes you just have to fix the REAL problem
3.    Avoid too early a counter offer on price, although often given as the reason for leaving its frequently not the only or the real reason
4.    Never berate the competition but subtly look for weaknesses in the current supplier, could you go back with a partial solution and sit aside the current suppler, earning back the customer
5.    If that fails, start low key communications campaign (emails, blog postings, newsletters, case studies) aimed at all levels, execs, management, operations not just the decision maker.  Drip feed information and insights that is of use to them don't pester them
Be patient, customers and relationships have lifecycles, you will lose customers but if you really add value you can win them back.

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