Sale stalled? Is it a real deal?

Closing skills the number one request we get for sales training and coaching.  We engage with the client's sales people and quickly discover closing is not the problem.  The deals the sales people are trying to close are not "real deals"

The sales person has created a need for the product, service or solution and has probably discussed time-scales for a decision with the prospect.  Great, but what's the business driver (something happening in the business that is forcing change or action) that is creating the need for the product.

What is the compelling event (the date or deadline for the change or action demanded by the business driver) that is behind the time-scale?

Think about it this way:

Need + time-scale = nice to have.

Business driver + compelling event = must have!

Its tough to admit but ask yourself "are you selling to someone who has a real need or are you trying to sell to someone who has listened to you, and thought it would be "nice to have" what you sell, but its not a necessity".

Maybe you need some new prospects?

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