When we find we are working with teams that are not performing at an optimum level, we rely on and trust our strategic partners at Teamwide Solutions Inc.

Their experienced facilitators deliver highly-effective exercises for developing trust and problem-solving models that you can take back to your workplace and see immediate benefits.  Typically following the workshop, additional leadership coaching and coach-led meeting facilitation is implemented for best results and continued improvements.  For more information about getting your team working at their optimum contact Rhonda York at Teamwide Solutions now.



Successful sales people gain a competitive advantage from how they sell, not simply what they sell -   they collaborate with their prospects and customers.  At IF Associates when we help our clients to improve their communications skills we recommend and use Moxtra - its simply the best collaboration suite on the market.

Moxtra allows you to work smarter, not harder, in a single work-space that provides conversations, content and meetings on demand. Move effortlessly between messaging, content collaboration, screen sharing, white boarding and real-time meetings, both 1:1 and in groups, as your needs change throughout the day. Moxtra Power Messenger makes teamwork easier and faster whether your project lasts one hour or one year, with five people or fifty. It's just that simple. For more information about Moxtra contact our partner  Jim Brendle at MoxTeam now.