Time for some serious sales help?

There has never been a more appropriate time to look at using an Interim Manager CxO For Hire, VP of Sales for Hire - whatever term you are using in your market.

I don't normally blog about "me" but this interim topic keeps coming up.  I have 30 years, international sales, marketing and general management experience including board and non executive (advisory board) posts, doing start ups and turnarounds.  Many companies especially SMEs, simply do not have the budget for the salary that this level of experience commands.

However, if they looked at an interim CxO even a few days a month they would get the experience they desperately need but not the salary bill. Furthermore, an experienced interim will fit in and pick up the reins quicker than you would believe. I have being doing interims for 20 years, I can bring experience of succeeding in market conditions that many of today's "younger" managers and business owners have simply never seen before and don't know how to handle.

The added bonus of an interim (that people forget) is the up to date, market intelligence that your interim brings it is priceless. I ran a sales team for a Fortune 500 during a merger, I managed the team 3 days a week, I was out in here market the other two days and bought an invaluable view that an internal person would not get. I also delivered $14m in sales against $12 target in a down market.

Don't dismiss interims and CxOs for hire you are missing a big opportunity.

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