Forecasting - why do we need to forecast?  Because our sales manager says so?  Well that is one reason but there are a few more.........

- We need to forecast sales so that we can:

- Plan the sales activity, manufacturing, cash flow, staffing, meet payroll, pay suppliers
- Build a real and adequate revenue pipeline
- Set priorities and "action manage"

Forecasting a sale

- You can only real ... Read more

Sales Tip No. 29 - Who are you really competing against?

We frequently hear sales people saying "there's no competition on this deal".  When we dig deeper we find that there is competition after all, but not from where they think.  The "competition" is coming in the form of 1) lethargy, the easiest decision is no decision, do nothing or 2) competition for use of the funds earmarked for your deal - not a directly competing product, service of solution.   Lethargy is always a challenge - remind the prospect of why you are there in the f ... Read more