10 years experience or 1 years experience used 10 times?

When the market is tough and leads are few and far between, sales opportunities cannot be wasted and you need the right sales people on board.  This week the best damn sales blog has got a best damn sales tip and a best damn management tip!

Take two sales people sales person A has 10 years experience, sales person B has 1 years experience they have used 10 times!  You might want to read that again.

Are you hiring A's or B's.

As a sales manager or a sales person are you thinking and acting like  A or B?  if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got.

Sales people aren't all born they can be trained, but even the "naturals" keep learning otherwise they become salesperson B.

So when you are hiring you need to be on the look out for evidence of real experience not just time in the job.  What training has the candidate attended, how do they keep up to date, how open minded are they to continuing professional development?

There is lots of help, support and insights out there (you are reading one source).  Sales person A always puts the effort in to pick up and learn new ideas and techniques.  Sales person B they just do the same pitch but on a different day.

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