No. 18 – Year end closing plan


Many sales and business development people are looking at how they are going to finish the year and bring in their outstanding deals to hit quota  so here is a closing checklist to help you. 1) Are you really dealing with ALL the decision makers?  2) Is your proposition a "nice to have" or a "necessity"  what urgency to buy have you created? 3) Have you submitted a quote or proposal? 4) Does your proposal show hard cash savings or revenue gains  with a real ROI agreed with the prospect? 5) What risks do you have to minimize to avoid a no go decision?  5)What else could "your" budget be spent on instead of your solution or service  how will you counter this?

Don't fool yourself, if there is the slightest doubt go back get this information. Make a list of what you need to do to close the deal, with dates, and have a formal closing plan.

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