The danger in "relationship selling" is that sometimes YOU do too good a job. If you have some deals stalling at the moment look out for this you build such a good relationship with the prospect or client that they don't "have the heart" to tell you they are not going ahead. The sale just seems to drag on, with them putting up seemingly good reasons to stall, and you ending up in "continuation" mode. If you are feeling this is the case then politely tell them (don't ask them) that YOU are withdrawing your proposal as the time does not seem right for them to make a decision. A real prospect will say "hold on not so fast" and give you the real situation. A real prospect but where the timing genuinely is wrong will say "phew! would you, thanks I appreciate that" BUT they DO come back to you. The people you don't ask at all but you end up pestering they are the ones where that good relationship eventually falters, even if they were going to buy they often don't. Never be afraid to offer to walk away!

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