Marketing dinosaur?

Having been in the international sales and marketing business for over 30 years I am beginning to feel like a bit of dinsosaur when it comes to all this social networking, especially as its use is now having considerbale commercial ramifications.

I can remember avoiding using and reply to SMS messages for as long as I could before finally caving in dinosaur behaviour again. I guess I have avoided social networking for as long as a can.

And yet I was a very early adopter of email, I can remember when our email addresses were a compuserve number. I was using email in 1983 and when I showed it to one customer he said great solution where's the problem?

Its not that I am technophobe I love technology but social networking, facebook, myspace, blogging has me scratching my head. I dont know what I dont know, how do I get started, how do I make sure I dont get left behind. I know I have to network for business but now it seems I have to social network for business where will I find the time to do the business!

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